Human resource management is holistic

With the help of qualified instruments, we support companies and (future) leaders to detect, develop and direct their potential.

In order to ensure a company’s success in the long run, a holistic and systemic viewpoint and design of personnel policy is necessary. Enterprises that manage to successfully recruit staff occasionally, but fail to retain important employees will frustrate their workforce and, in the long term, will not be able to leverage the potential that already exists.

Employer Branding

Our products in detail


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Executive Search

We assist your firm in finding the most suitable executive in an increasingly complex labor market. For this, we draw on many years of experience and an existent network of partners from different industries. Based on your corporate strategy and your factors for success, we derive and define a requirements profile together and then search for the ideal candidate actively and with absolute discretion. With the help of practical psychometric tools, we are able to support selection processes and to minimize the risks of hiring the wrong person.

Personnel Profiling

In order to enhance the selection of suitable candidates and to reduce the chance of a costly placement error, we create individual profiles of the aspirants. In the process, we develop their particular profile of strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we are capable of measuring more than just strengths and competencies. By means of psychological and scientific approaches, we can even analyze the aspiring manager’s personal values and present situation and also contrast the “willingness” with the “ability”.


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Development Center

A Development Center (DC) is a version of the Assessment Center (AC). We apply this program specifically for the promotion of potential within your company. While the AC centers around staff selection, the DC focuses on the development of top performers and on providing them with intensive feedback. Through demanding business games and case studies, as well as single- and group tasks, we create a challenging learning environment and point out the discrepancy concerning future requirements. These requirements are worked out together with the company’s management. The results are, on the one hand, a large profile of your staff and, on the other hand, you are provided with specific recommendations for individual measures for your employee’s manager training.

Leadership Development

It becomes increasingly important to recognize potential high performers and to support them in becoming real leadership personalities. With the help of specific coaching, seminars, trainings or company-wide development programs, we want to assist you in promoting your management staff, so that they develop into true leaders and, thus, improve the well-being and efficiency within your enterprise. This happens in full agreement with your corporate goals, especially with your corporate values.


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3 D Career Coaching®

In times of reorientation, a lot of specialists and executives wish to discuss the individual situation with an expert. Businesses also notice time and again how necessary it is to offer their employees new prospects within the firm.

3 D Career Coaching® enables companies to understand the individual situation of their employee’s potential. This involves the application of tools which point out strengths, capabilities, values and motivating factors of respective candidates. In doing so, we take their respective life- and career situation into account. At the end of the process, we perform a comprehensive consultation which combines all test and workshop results into a whole and gives orientation about existing potential and the way it can be refined and applied.


More and more enterprises look for ways to give start-up support to managers they unavoidably have to part from. By doing so, they want to do justice to a social responsibility they feel obliged to. Moreover, they demonstrate that the term “severance culture” actually has a meaning. Here it is irrelevant whose fault it is that ultimately led to the release of an employee. Strictly speaking, there can be various reasons which make further employment impossible: branches can be closed, staff changes within corporate hierarchy can put an end to fruitful cooperation, top performers who used to have remarkable successes can no longer find an environment conducive for delivering high performance.

Against this background we offer solutions for a fair separation, while we take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Every separation causes great uncertainty among the remaining workforce. When the
    employer behaves fairly, it conveys a sense of security.
  • Staff members are much more willing to waive lawsuit actions against unfair dismissal, if
    they are granted support into new employment.
  • A fair severance culture thus allows separation processes to be clarified more quickly and
    to be shortened.
  • Unforeseeable risks and uncertainties can be avoided to a great extent.
  • A culture of appreciation will be established and experienced.

We provide professional assistance for your employees’ vocational reorientation, through to the conclusion of a new employment agreement or a business start-up.

A Holistic business- and personnel consultancy

What sets you apart from the competition when it comes to attracting suitable candidates?

  • Any individual action within your company can only be successful in the long run, if the
    measures taken within the overall framework are interlinked and synergies are utilized.
    We at 3 D Leaders pursue a comprehensive and holistic approach to support our clients.
  • Through a good coordination of all the steps within recruiting and Employer Branding
    processes (Candidate Experience Management), potential applicants will see their first encounter with a company, through to the conclusion of an employment contract and successful incorporation, as an authentic and positive experience.
  • What sets you apart from the competition when it comes to attracting suitable candidates? Only businesses that manage to build a coherent employer brand will be perceived as an attractive employer. We support our clients in having long-term success in the competition for coveted candidates.
  • Firms that manage to implement Candidate Experience Management effectively achieve outstanding recruiting successes. That is reflected in form of an increased number of qualified applications and in more candidates remaining active in the application process. Furthermore, in turn, these applicants recommend the company to other qualified applicants.

Employer Branding

3 D service offer


• Development and specification of your employer brand
• Identification of contact points (“Touchpoints”) between an applicant and your company
• Evaluation of the acquired experiences
• Proposals for process optimization and standardization
• Implementation support
• Analysis and control of success

The most effective way for an enterprise to lower the costs of staff recruitment and search processes, is to reduce the turnover rate of its key employees. What is the point in recruiting staff through tedious processes, if they cannot be retained? If your external human resource marketing is effective, but your internal contains weak spots, this can be compared to filling water into a bucket full of holes.
3 D Leaders assists your firm in optimizing the internal marketing and increasing employee retention. At the same time, we always consider your staff members’ universal basic needs. These help you to fully develop your employee’s intrinsic motivation and to increase the bond to the company. By means of a personal interview and an impersonalized web-based method we identify staff satisfaction and compare the results to comparative figures in the sector. On this foundation, deviations become apparent and reasons for termination can be analyzed.

Employee Retention

3 D service offer


• Identification of staff satisfaction in comparison to results within the sector
• Analysis of employee’s reasons for termination (on their own initiative)
• Evaluation of the acquired experiences
• Proposals for process optimization and standardization
• Implementation support and analysis


A small excursion: Employer Branding

Germany has entered the year 2016 with the lowest unemployment rate since reunification. Simultaneously, the quota of people in employment with social security has reached its peak value. The consequence for employers is that the days, where a simple job advertisement would suffice, are long gone. Enterprises are in competition for qualified candidates, whether they are aware of it or not. Suddenly, companies find themselves in the unusual position of the “wooer”, having to persuade potential applicants to join them.
This is where Employer Branding comes in. How can you represent yourself as an attractive employer in such a time? The question becomes increasingly important, but not only because of the economic upswing. It is also relevant since there are relatively few potential job applicants within the group of people born in and after 1980 (the so-called Generation Y). The babyboom generation retires and there are not enough young people to fill the void they are leaving.
The consequence for employers is that the days, where a simple job advertisement would suffice, are long gone.
The issue of Employer Branding cannot be settled just with professional advertisement. It requires a holistic solution. In practice, contact points between your company and your potential new staff member must be identified. We therefore speak of so-called “Touchpoints”. Nowadays, it is no longer justifiable to leave application processes to mere chance.


The journey of the application process, also “Candidate Experience”, describes the individual experience candidates have as they undergo the recruitment procedures of their potential employers. It is the amount of experiences gathered within this context and with this particular employer. These experiences are basically shaped by every contact point with the employer and can be experienced in a personal and non-personal way.