About us

On the basis of our own leadership experience, we know the work environment of our clients. Thus, we capture their unique characteristics and the demands they place on their staff within the shortest time.

It is by no means unusual that clients become friends over the years with whom we work together in trusting relationships. Generosity is part of our core values. This is why we are always ready to go the extra mile for the companies that consult us. It is our goal to provide our customers with inspiring solutions. This means that special times also require special measures. Therefore, we are always willing to accept new challenges, away from the beaten tracks.

We have leadership experience

All consultants from 3 D Leaders are experienced and mature leadership personalities who pursue their work with passion. They combine a theoretical training with practical knowledge from everyday business.

We work internationally

The recruitment of foreign specialists has been part of our range of service for years. Thanks to our international network, we can take short-term actions on a worldwide level. Here, our international partners are able to assess the local personnel market as accurately as possible and maintain an excellent partner network.

We have recruitment know-how

Recruiting with 3 D Leaders, you do not need to tie up internal resources or waste time and money that is needed for more important missions. Due to our expertise and network of qualified personnel consultants, the time it takes to successfully fill a vacant position decreases significantly and is even more favorable (under normal circumstances) than using your own resources. We will gladly demonstrate this cost calculation. In addition to that, 3 D Leaders helps you to successfully position yourself as an employer in the long term. Through our support you get expert assessment on topics related to salary, legal questions and general personnel matters.

Our professional ethics

Our work is based on structured and transparent processes. We thoroughly analyze the specific situation of the company and its corporate culture, as well as the precise requirements in regard to suitable candidates. In the process, we do not deploy external researchers and we treat our clients’ information with the greatest confidentiality. Should we encounter difficulties and challenges, they will be communicated transparently and promptly, so that you know how things stand within the process. In our team, we support one another, so that we achieve the objective together with our client.